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“Dutchmed International” EOOD represents for Bulgaria large divisions of the USA giant Teleflex Medical, world leader in manufacturing of medical devices and disposables for anesthesia, ICU, cardiac and other surgeries, cardiac invasive diagnostic, venous access, urology, emergency care and others.

Teleflex Medical has revenue of above 2 billion USD.

Among the famous product brand names of Teleflex Medical are Arrow, Rusch, Hudson RCI, LMA and many others.

Major product focus areas are: Infection control, Patient & Provider safety, Less invasive access.

The main Teleflex Medical product groups we can offer you are the following:

Vascular Access Products:

Teleflex Medical vascular access products are generally catheter-based products used in a variety of clinical procedures to facilitate multiple critical care therapies including the administration of intravenous medications, other therapies, and the measurement of blood pressure and taking of blood samples through a single puncture site.

Vascular access catheters and related devices consist principally of central venous access catheters (CVC) such as the following: the Arrow-Howe’sTM Multi-Lumen Catheter, a catheter equipped with three or four channels, or lumens; double-and single-lumen catheters, which are designed for use in a variety of clinical procedures; the Arrow Pressure Injectable CVC, which gives clinicians who perform CT scans the option of using an indwelling pressure injectable Arrow CVC without having to insert another catheter for their scan; and percutaneous sheath introducers, which are used as a means for inserting cardiovascular and other catheterization devices into the vascular system during critical care procedures. Teleflex Medical also provides a range of peripherally inserted central catheters, which are soft, flexible catheters inserted in the upper arm and advanced into the superior vena cava and are accessed for various types of intravenous medications and therapies, and radial artery catheters, which are used for measuring arterial blood pressure and taking blood samples. Teleflex Medical offerings include a pressure injectable peripherally inserted catheter which addresses the therapeutic need for a catheter that can withstand the higher pressures required by the injection of contrast media for CT scans. Teleflex Medical vascular access products also include specialty catheters and related products used in a range of other procedures and include percutaneous thrombolytic devices, which are designed for clearance of thrombosed

hemodialysis grafts in chronic hemodialysis patients; and hemodialysis access catheters, including the Cannon Catheter, which is used to facilitate dialysis treatment. Many of Teleflex Medical vascular access catheters are treated with the ARROWg+ard, or ARROWg+ard Blue Plus, antiseptic surface treatments to reduce the risk of catheter related infection. ARROWg+ard Blue Plus, is a newer, longer lasting formulation of ARROWg+ard and provides antimicrobial treatment of the interior lumens and hubs of each catheter.

As part of Teleflex Medical ongoing efforts to meet physicians needs for safety and management of risk of infection in the hospital setting, Teleflex Medical sell a Maximal Barrier Precautions central venous access kit, which includes a full body drape, a catheter treated with the ARROWg+ard antimicrobial technology, and other accessories. The features of this kit were created to address recent guidelines for reducing catheter-related bloodstream infections that were set by a variety of health regulatory agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, among others.

Related products include custom tubing sets used to connect central venous catheters to blood pressure

monitoring devices and drug infusion systems, and the Arrow InView portable ultrasound machine designed to support placement and administration of vascular access products.

Cardiac Care Devices:

Products in this category range from diagnostic catheters, such as thermodilution and wedge pressure catheters, specialized angiographic catheters, such as Berman and Reverse Berman catheters, therapeutic delivery catheters, such as temporary pacing catheters and intra-aortic balloon (IAB) catheters to capital equipment, such as intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) consoles. IABP products are used to augment oxygen delivery to the cardiac muscle and reduce the oxygen demand after cardiac surgery, serious heart attack or interventional procedures. The IAB and IABP product lines feature the AutoCAT 2 WAVE console and the FiberOptixTM catheter, which together utilize fiber optic technology for arterial pressure signal acquisition and allow the patented WAVE timing algorithm to support the broadest range of patient heart rhythms, including severely arrhythmic patients.

Anesthesia and Airway Management:

Anesthesiologists widely used Teleflex Medical highly recognized brands of Hudson, Sheridan and Rusch products that include endotracheal tubes, laryngeal masks, airways and face masks to deliver anesthetic agents and oxygen. To assist in the placement of endotracheal tubes, Teleflex Medical provides a comprehensive and unique line of laryngoscope blades and handles, including standard halogen and fiber optic light sources. Fiber optic light sources offer a high intensity, cool white light without generating the same level of heat that comes from standard halogen bulbs.

Regional anesthesia products include epidural and peripheral nerve block catheters. Nerve blocks provide pain relief after surgical procedures and help clinicians better manage each patient’s pain. Teleflex Medical offers the first stimulating continuous nerve block catheter, the Arrow StimuCath, which confirms the positive placement of the catheter next to the nerve. The Flex Tip Plus continuous epidural catheter features a soft, flexible tip that helps reduce the incidence of complications, such as transient paresthesia and inadvertent cannulation of blood vessels or the dura, while improving the clinician’s ability to thread the catheter into the epidural space. Teleflex Medical Arrow TheraCath epidural catheter, with high compression strength for direction-ability and enhanced radiopacity, was designed for pain management procedures where increased steer-ability is important. Additional integral components create a range of standard and custom procedural kits.

Respiratory Care:

Respiratory care products principally consist of devices used in aerosol and medication

delivery, oxygen therapy and ventilation management. Teleflex Medical offers an extensive range of aerosol therapy products, including the Micromist Nebulizer, the Neb-U-Mask System and the Opti-Neb ProTM Compressor. Teleflex Medical is also a global provider of oxygen supplies, offering a broad range of products to deliver oxygen therapy safely and comfortably. These include masks, cannulas, tubing and humidifiers. The full range of these products are used in a variety of clinical settings including hospitals, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation centers and patients’ homes to treat respiratory ailments such as chronic lung disease, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis and asthma.

Teleflex Medical ventilation management solutions promote patient safety and maximize clinician efficiency. These products include ventilator circuits with an extended life to support clinical practice guidelines, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters with 99.9999% efficiency against the transmission of bacteria and viruses, heat and moisture exchangers that reduce circuit manipulation and cross-contamination risk, and heated humidifiers that promote patient compliance to non-invasive respiratory strategies, like Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) and High Flow Oxygen Therapy.

The ConchaTherm Neptune is a heated humidification solution. It is designed to allow the caregiver to

customize patient treatment to meet specific clinical goals. This results in advanced patient outcomes without sacrificing clinician efficiency.


Teleflex Medical line of urology products provides bladder management products for patients in the hospital and home care markets. Teleflex Medical product portfolio consists principally of catheters (including Foley, intermittent, external and suprapubic), urine collectors, catheterization accessories and products for operative endurology.

Teleflex Medical today has significant market share in Foley catheters in the EMEA markets (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). The intermittent catheter market for home care is growing quickly, and Teleflex Medical has a leading share of the market with Liquick Base and mobile catheters. Teleflex Medical also designs urine collectors, catheterization accessories and kits with Teleflex Medical’s overall infection prevention strategy in mind. For example, the Rusch MMG Closed System intermittent catheter is used in the treatment of spinal cord injury patients. Teleflex Medical Team in North America successfully introduced a new version of the MMG H2O to the market in 2008.