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“Dutchmed International” EOOD represents for Bulgaria the reputable Japanese company Nipro Corporation – the biggest company for manufacturing of equipment and consumables for dialysis with annual turnover above 1 billion USD.
Nipro Corporation is has been recognized as world leader in manufacturing of dialysis products and the Nipro brand is a synonym of superior quality.
The quality of the offered from us dialysis product with brand name Nipro is acknowledged long ago from all our dialysis clinicians, nurses from the dialysis clinics as well as from the Association of the Patients with Kidney Diseases.
Among the first class products for dialysis treatment of Nipro Corporation we can offer you are the following:

- Dialyzers: Unique range of clinically proven biocompatible pediatric and adult dialyzers with excellent clearance parameters. All Nipro dialyzers are well-known for superior substance removal and biocompatibility. An example of this is, the excellent removal of microglobulins, the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome often found in long-term dialysis patients. Other examples are the removal of high molecular weight uremic toxins, while avoiding albumin leakage, which results in reduced side-effects such as itching. During treatment, the changes of biocompatibility markers are extremely low.
The Elisio™ dialyzer with its Polynephron™ membrane is a state-of-the-art and unique dialyzer. With its BPA free fibers, housing and headers, it is more patient-, user- and eco-friendly. Elisio™ dialyzer are available as Low Flux, Middle Flux and High Flux.
For patients with allergic reactions to synthetic membranes we offer dialyzers with unique cellulose triacetate membranes, series Sureflux available as Low Flux, Middle Flux and High Flux.

- Hemofilters: Cellulose triacetate hemofilters series UF for hemofiltration and hemodiafiltration. UF hemofilters have extremely high biocompatibility and clearance parameters thus make them tolerable even for patients that need long term and chronic treatment. The ultrafiltration rate of hemofilter UF is so high that it is applicable also as an excellent hemoconcentrator in cardiac surgery.

- Fistula needles sets: Sets with fistula needles with superior quality. We offer full range of fistula needles with fixed or rotating wings, with different tubing lengths and with sizes 15G25mm, 15G30mm /prosthesis/, 16G25mm, 16G30mm /prosthesis/ and 17G25mm. All Nipro fistula needles are DEPH free. The Nipro dialysis needles are the most preferable from our nurses and patient.

- Bicarbonate cartridges: Cartridges with dry bicarbonate substance, model Niprocart, applicable for Nipro dialysis machines as well as for wide range of machines of other popular manufacturers. Niprocart dry bicarbonate powder is in compliance with the Europe Pharma standards. It is available in sizes 650 gr, 750/760 gr and 1100 gr.

- Blood lines: Nipro manufactures wide range of blood tubing sets in many configurations and specifications to meet user’s needs and to fit all types of dialyzers and dialysis equipments. All Nipro blood tubing sets are designed to enhance safety and efficiency. To help ensure the quality you expect, Nipro manufacturers a complete line of all tubing components, according to CE Annex II, section 3 of the Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices. Nipro’s strict control over each manufacturing step, from plastic formulation to final sterility assurance, ensures that our blood tubing sets are of the highest quality.

- Hemostatic bandages: Superior quality latex free hemostatic adhesive skin tapes, model Pushban. It is offered in different sizes.

- Dialysis machines: All Nipro dialysis machines are specifically designed to perform multiple, demanding and complicated tasks, maintaining high levels of performance whilst ensuring ease of use and patient safety.

In the near future, Nipro Corporation intends to invest in research and development targeting not only artificial kidneys, but also various other artificial organs and tissues, such as artificial heart, skin and blood, to become the world’s leading manufacturer of artificial organs.