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Dutchmed International EOOD has the pleasure to represent in Bulgaria big divisions of company Mindray, world recognized leader in manufacturing of state-of-the-art medical equipment among which anesthesia equipment, patient monitors, defibrillators, ventilators, infusion pumps and docking systems, surgical lights and operation tables, pendant supply systems for OR and ICU and others.
The melting between innovative and high technology world known manufacturer and a distributor with more than 25 years of experience profiled in delivery and servicing of the above mentioned types of medical equipment is the fundament of the significant market success during the last years.
Mindray is one of the leading global providers of medical devices and solutions. Firmly committed to their mission of “sharing medical technologies with the world”, they are dedicated to innovation in the fields of Patient Monitoring & Life Support, In-Vitro Diagnostics, and Medical Imaging. The 1 Solution capitalizes on Mindray’s broad product portfolio and offers hospitals a holistic and systemic solution to improve the overall efficiency and quality of care particularly in three key clinical areas: emergency care, peri-operative care, and critical care. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Mindray possesses a sound distribution and service network with subsidiaries in 18 countries in North and Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific. While improving the quality of care, we help in reducing its cost, making it more accessible to a larger part of
humanity. Since its foundation in 1991, Mindray’s development has been driven by innovation. Mindray has built up a global R&D network with research centers in Seattle, New Jersey, Miami, Stockholm, Shenzhen, Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xi’an and Shanghai. Today, Mindray’s products and services can be found in healthcare facilities in over 190 countries and regions. Inspired by the needs of our customers, they adopt advanced technologies and transform them into accessible innovation, bringing healthcare within reach.
We offer large range of the most contemporary and sophisticated products of Mindray, among which, complete anesthesia workstations including latest generation anesthesia machines, modular and configured patient monitors and system for integration and electronic recording of the complete information during anesthesia. Among the Mindray anesthesia machines on the highest technology level is model A7. А7 is a result of more than 30 years partnership with medical staff to develop perioperative solutions that fully meet the requirements of the most demanding clinical situations whilst focusing on solutions that reduces the clinicians workload. The latest technological breakthroughs in anesthesia delivery, advanced monitoring technology and IT communication systems are employed. А7 features precise electronic gas mixer, new intuitive user interface, full range of controlled and supported ventilation modes, that fully meet your daily and specialized demands at all stages of the anesthetic procedure, comprehensive monitoring and inteligent alarms.
А7 could be upgraded with system for electronic anesthesia management model iChart-OR. iChart-OR features optimizing of the documentation during the anesthesia and the perioperative procedures, collecting data and offering detailed patient report, increasing patient safety and allowing the clinicians to enhance the quality of the healthcare treatments. iChart-OR is capable to store all the information about the course of anesthesia and perioperative care and make it available for later review. Through its advanced IT management solution, the system can directly connect with the server, making it possible to share all clinical data directly from the point of care.
We also offer the already gained great popularity in the country anesthesia machines from series WATO. Models WATO EX-35 and WATO EX-65 are modern, reliable and cost-effective anesthesia machines with easy to use user interface, supporting variety of ventilation modes for patients from infants through adults, dynamic fresh gas compensation, completely autoclavable heated breathing circuit guarantees quick response and ideal for low flow anesthesia, bag-in-bottle system immediately visualizing the patient condition, electronic flow meters with virtual scales (WATO EX-65) or coupled mechanical flow tubes (WATO EX-35), color TFT high resolution touch screen displays, large choice of optional accessories such as capnometry or multi-gas measurement modules, CO2 bypass and many others.
To all Mindray anesthesia machines could be integrated their excellent modular and configured anesthesia monitors from series BeneView, iPM and iMEC, which are suitable also for all emergency recovery and intensive care departments. The patient monitors from series BeneView offer wide range of monitoring abilities for patients with emergency priorities and different in profile departments. They are highest class modular patient monitors which give possibilities for full hemodynamic non-invasive and invasive monitoring, full gas monitoring, including spirometry during mandatory and spontaneous breathing, measurement of neuromuscular transmission, evaluation of the level of sedation, and many others. With their functionality, flexible configuration and modular design BeneView offer to the clinical teams more than the needed bedside or transport patient information. The touch screen high resolution display and the user configurable views provide excellent visibility and usability for a range of applications. Besides BeneView offer more possibilities for storage of large amount data, support of independent display and data management software. Member of BeneView is also the unique transport solution BeneView T1. ВеneView T1 combines parameter module and transport monitor in one device and can be directly “plug and play” inserted to the host BeneView monitors. It can be used as a standalone modular monitor with 19” display, as a compact transport monitor, portable monitor with WiFi, “Plug and play” parameter module. ВеneView T1, together with its TDS docking station, can be used in different departments – from the ambulance and EMS, via OP and ICU, to the general ward. ВеneView T1 is a small and compact but same time powerful enough to continuously monitor your patients anytime and at all points of care. Together with the host monitor BeneView, it helps to streamline your workflow, enhancing patient safety and optimising your resources.
The patient monitors from series iPM are designed to meet the requirements of different types of clinical applications. The built-in parameters comply with needs of the daily monitoring. The optional modules upgrade the iPM monitors to equipment for monitoring of acute clinical conditions. The intuitive interface of iPM includes mass alarm set up, large font, and view-otherpatient functions. This interface together with the touch screen, rotary knob, and customized quick keys, makes the iPM series exceptionally user friendly.
The patient monitors from series iMEC are new generation Mindray product with “green” credentials. They help you to reduce your hospital’s ecological footprint and to contribute to sustainable care environment. Based on its optimized hardware design, iMEC achieves 50% lower power consumption, compared to conventional patient monitors. This allows for an improved battery life and a fan-less design, providing cleaner and quieter performance. It also offers a robust but thin and lightweight structure, making iMEC very easy to carry. The touch screen display allows you to operate in a quick and convenient way. With WiFi capability, iMEC integrates seamlessly with Mindray Hypervisor VI Central Monitoring System. This provides you with convenient access to the patient transportation even during transport.
If you need a high-end professional biphasic defibrillators that meets different level of requirements of medical professionals worldwide, the logic choice are defibrillators BeneHeart D6 and BeneHeart D3. Their compact, durable, and ergonomic design integrates manual defibrillation, monitoring , pacing and AED functions. The monitoring functions include 3/5 leads ECG, Resp, SpO2 and NIBP, and BeneHeart D6 adds 2-Temp, 2-IBP and EtCO2. The advanced monitoring function of BeneHeart D6 enables doctors to promptly acquire patient information and improve diagnosis efficiency during rescue and resuscitation. By providing complete vital signs monitoring is ensured safe and convenient patient transportation as well as standby for AED/manual defibrillation in emergency circumstances. With the energy level up to 360J, D6 gives the user an additional chance to save the life in case 200J is not effective. With BeneHeart D6 and the specialized software PHEIS could be perform telemedicine solutions such as transmission of vital signs data wirelessly from ambulance to hospital via GSM or 3G technology. Mindray is realizing that the emergency medicine is a part of the national security. That’s why they don’t offer the so called “cloud” solutions that use servers installed in abroad, but software that is easily installed on a local user’s server. Members of BeneHeart series are also the professional digital ECG machines BeneHeart R3 and BeneHeart R12, which feature ergonomic design with large displays and built-in world recognized software for analysis and data interpretation of the University in Glasgow.
Mindray recently successfully imposed on the market for ventilators. Series SynoVent E offer advanced ventilators with full range of breathing modes and ventilator maneuvers, monitoring and ergonomic design. Thanks to the intuitive UI design of E-series ventilators, change of ventilation modes requires only 2 simple steps. Each function is in logical order so that you wouldn’t be lost in complex user manual. With the simple but effective Prompt TV Setting function, every time you change the Tidal Volume setting, the patient VT/BW value will be shown. This serves as a better guideline for your patient lung protective strategies. With the P-V Tools, the optimal PEEP for those patients with severe ARDS can be determined. A suitable PEEP value can keep the alveoli open constantly, prevent alveolar collapse, improve oxygenation and reduce repeated collapse/inflation lung injury. The IntelliCycle automatically calculates the best timing for cycle off for the patient and is updated breath-by-breath. The newest model SV 300 adds also independency from air gas supply sources via built-in turbine with excellent performance.
The modern requirements for precise infusion of medication changed also the technology of the produced infusion pumps. With their newest series of syringe and volumetric pumps BeneFusion, Mindray is one of the innovators in this field. Horizontal design allows the pumps to be easily stacked and inserted into the docking stations or IV poles. They feature five different modes of operation as standard, optionally also TIVA and micro infusion, large color display, intuitive user interface, a rich library with medication and memory for the conducted infusions, as well as many hours of battery power. The BeneFusion pumps are compatible with the DS5 docking stations which assure integrated power supply, integration of the infusion settings, alarms and monitoring parameters, automatic multi-channel relay from pump with almost empty syringe to a pump with a full syringe, automatic switch from day to night mode, as well as optional WiFi connection to a central infusion management system.
Mindray has many years of experience in the development and production of equipment for operating theaters, including high-tech, secure and reliable surgical lamps, operating tables and pending supply columns for OR and ICU. The product range of the surgical lights is very rich. All surgical lights are designed with thought for compatibility with the laminar flow in the OR, for ease of moving and positioning stability. Series HyLite 6 provides cold light of a halogen lighting source, which although is the only one, provides light without shadows thanks to the design of its parabolic reflector composed of thousands of facets that function as miniature mirrors. In case the main bulb is malfunctioning, the backup bulb will be automatically lightened in 0.2 seconds so that the surgeon will not perceive any difference in either illumination or the light field center. Series HyLed 9 is uncompromising high-end surgical light. They feature variable color temperature, adjustable light field diameter and intelligent shadow management system (Automatic Illumination Control System). The LED bulbs ensure more than 40000 hours of service life. Series HyLed 7 are cost-effective LED surgical lights that are equipped with almost all HyLed 9 features. The operating tables from series HyBase feature durability, reliability and multifunctioning. The wide range of optional accessories makes them applicable to all types of surgery applications. The newest members of HyBase family, models HyBase 8500/8300, with loading capacity of more than 450 kg, are expected to be the flagship of the popular series. The suspended medical supply units HyPort provide a secure supply of medical gases and electricity, giving ergonomics of your work space in operating rooms, reцожеръ and intensive care. Pneumatically and motorized systems can be offered. Series HyPort have an extremely wide range of optional accessories that will meet any requirements for installation of additional instrumentation and equipment. Mindray is also able to develop customized configurations. Every potential customer who deliver us drawing of the room and specify the requirements for the desired medical supply units will get free 3D animation with which can make even a virtual “walk” in the room or the clinic and see how would look like their suspended medical supply units at different angles.