A breakthrough at the frontlines of respiratory care!

Precision Flow Plus: Comfort mask-free NIVTM for spontaneously breathing patients. A mask-free treatment proven effective for high-acuity cases, Hi-VNI® Technology clears dead space fast and takes the work out of breathing. Hi-VNI® Technology is a fast and safe approach for patient populations from premature neonates to hypercapnia COPD patients.


Application areas

Emergency Departments:
Hi-VNI® Technology is a tool for the signs and symptoms of undifferentiated respiratory distress in the emergency department.
Manage many patients experiencing the signs and symptoms of respiratory distress who would normally be treated with non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) and basic high flow nasal cannula all using one advanced respiratory support tool.


Adult Therapy:

Hi-VNI® Technology helps hypercapnic and hypoxic patients avoid endotracheal intubation, reduces the risks and care complexities associated with mask therapies and is simple to use and safe to start at maximum settings.



Pediatric Therapy:

Primary Support for Acute Respiratory Insufficiency:  Discover an effective alternative to other forms of NIV by choosing Vapotherm as your primary support tool for pediatric patients in respiratory distress.

Bronchiolitis: Vapotherm Hi-VNI® is a first line tool for management of respiratory symptoms associated with respiratory distress secondary to bronchiolitis shown to lower intubation rates, decrease length of stay and reduce PICU admission.

Asthma: Don’t hassle with masks. Deliver comfortable respiratory support with Hi-VNI® Technology. HFNC has been shown to significantly lower intubation rates when used as primary respiratory support in the Pediatric Emergency Department.

Pneumonia: Discover an effective alternative to other forms of NIV. Vapotherm Hi-VNI® can be used in the relief of the signs and symptoms of respiratory distress, which may be associated with pneumonia.

Secretion Mobilization: Vapotherm Hi-VNI® Technology delivers optimal heat and humidification to the patient to mobilize secretions. This process is important in managing the signs and symptoms of respiratory distress that is secondary to many pediatric acute respiratory disorders.

Post-Extubating Support: Successful extubating can be facilitated using the Vapotherm Hi-VNI ® Technology.

Aerosol Delivery: Deliver aerosol medication with Vapotherm using the Aerogen Adapter.

Neonatal Therapy: Vapotherm is becoming standard of care for neonatal non-invasive respiratory support!

Meet Your New Primary Respiratory Support: Modality Vapotherm is the only system shown to be as clinically effective as CPAP/Bi-Level and NIPPV in preventing intubations in preterm infants with RDS. Besides, nCPAP masks and tight-fitting prongs can cause nasal trauma. The gentle interface of HFNC devices like Vapotherm significantly reduce nasal trauma.

Demonstrated safety in large randomized controlled trials: All neonatal randomized controlled trials using Vapotherm showed no increased rate of pneumothoraxes when compared to nCPAP, Bi-Level, and NIPPV. The pressure generated is safe when the cannula is sized appropriately to occlude less than 50% of the nares.

Hi-VNI® Technology provides effective non-invasive respiratory support.

The technology augments breathing to improve alveolar ventilation by:

  • Dead space washout of CO2 during exhalation.
  • Precise FiO2 delivery during inhalation.

Extubate with Confidence: Successful extubating can be facilitated using the Vapotherm Hi-VNI Technology.


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