The solutions for emergency care and rescue operations!

Spencer has been inventing solutions for emergency services and rescue operations since 1989.

Spencer research and development has its roots in the dynamic world of EMS today and Spencer strives with passion to offer answers to the delicate necessities of rescue respecting high standards of quality.


Equipment for Emergency Care

Ambulance stretcher supports and self-loading stretchers

BOB – The new family of last generation ambulance stretcher supports. BOB is the first ambulance stretcher support made from extruded aluminium. It offers excellent durability and lightness that has no equal. The uniqueness of BOB is summed up by its three patents: first of all the unprecedented profile of the right hand side that increases the space in the ambulance and assists the correct posture of the operators; secondly the suction devices, oxygen therapy and 12V socket are integrated into the support and finally a proximity sensor evaluates the distance of the loading surface from the ground to make the loading and unloading procedures easier and safer. The support can also be supplied with electronic height and tilt control and with automatic pneumatic cushioning.

Wide variety of 10G certified ambulance stretchers and neonatal transport incubator trolleys:

Cross Chair – Ambulance stretcher and transport chair in one device. Cross Chair can be used as a stretcher or as a transport chair as it adapts to a wide range of operational scenarios. The rescue teams will be able to choose, according to the type of operational procedure required, to have a manageable stretcher for the patient's or in alternative a practical transport chair and without the inconvenience of having to overburden the sanitary compartment of the emergency vehicle.

Crossover and Cross – Self-loading stretchers with adjustable heights. Both of them are distinguished by: their MBC backrest mechanical regulation system without having to use any kind of lever and above all allows raising of the backrest even laterally, Trendelenburg clever and unprecedented mechanical system which assures the use of the anti-shock system in one swift movement, without the need to use compound levers, position of the head inclination between 0 and 75°, position of the anti-shock and Trendelenburg positions between 0 and 10°, position of the comfort or Fowler position between 0 and 45°, shortening in length to guarantee good manageability in limited spaces or small lifts, an excellent distribution of the weight, guaranteed by an advanced geometry and welded chassis. Crossover is also equipped with Twist System for the anterior wheels, which if need it, can become revolving, thus optimizing the manageability.

Cinco Mas is a compact, lightweight self loading stretcher with 5 adjustable heights created for maximum ease of use. Unlocking of the varying heights is done by a moulded frame positioned along the entire front of the stretcher. Innovative is also positioning the Twist system release knob, which enables you to make the front wheels swivel by pressing one of the two controls on the front of the stretcher. Thanks to the Sharp Sensor Lock integrated into the release handle of the legs, you can also unlock the stretcher from the fixing system without having to operate the controls on the fasteners.

The Carrera family - wholesome and solid stretchers, able to rewrite the parameters of excellence for its category. Available in different versions such as oversized for bariatric patients with increased loading weight of 250 kg, shortening in length to guarantee good manageability in limited spaces or small lifts, with an integrated spine board housing under the loading surface.

Transport and evacuation chairs and other transport systems

Wide variety of 10G certified ambulance and patient evacuation transport chairs, pick up and recovery stretchers, transfer sheets.

Series Compact, Weld and Profile. Large portfolio of cost effective foldable transport chairs available in many versions such as: with two or four wheels, with or without armrest, with padded sections of the chair and backrest, with centralized brakes, etc.

4BELL family – 10G ultralight chairs. Spencer 4BELL chair represents the evolution of the concept of evacuation. It offers maximum comfort and an ideal usability for both operators and the patient. Spencer 4BELL has no screws and the structure is made solid thanks to an innovative system of integrated self-locking elements. The 4BELL family consists of: 1) 4BELL Class which represents the base model of the 4BELL Series. Weighing only 9.4 kg, it is the lightest evacuation Chair in the world; 2) 4BELL Comfort – adds accessories that will improve patient comfort during transport; 3) 4BELL Stair which is equipped with slides to descend steps. Thanks to the cutting-edge characteristics, Stair version is the ideal device for rapid evacuation and is especially useful in confined spaces as for example staircases; 4) 4BELL Air which is narrower than the other 4BELL models. This makes it particularly suitable for use on aircraft and in all environments where patient evacuation and transportation are made more complicated or even impossible by tight spaces and narrow routes.

Skid family – Evacuation Stair Chairs. The new Skid Series is an absolute novelty within the environment of evacuation and transport. The most relevant technical/aesthetic novelty is the use of passive caterpillar belts which effortlessly glide downstairs, with an elevated level of security. Very carefully studied seat, aesthetically and in its conceptually free styling. The precocity of the aesthetics is underlined by the distribution of the angles, the backrest that can be telescopically inclined, the adjustable headrest and the handles for transportation that can also be detached from the chair itself. The Skid family consists of: 1) SKID-OK - the most compact and technologically advanced evacuation chair; 2) SKID-E with new fork and tubular frame and pivoting wheels; 3) PRO SKID-E – evacuation and transport chair in one device. The posterior handles make possible the use of Pro Skid-E also uphill.

Spencer 520 - Convertible Stretcher / Chair. With Spencer 520 you will always have a device that doubles up to become two devices. It can be used either as a transport chair or as a stretcher so saving operation time and reducing storage space required.

WOW – Transportation system for the non-traumatic patient with protected and facilitated lifting. WOW is a device for the recovery and handling of patients without sign of spinal trauma, from the first medical operations to the stretcher or the rescue vehicle. It is the perfect solution for the handling of the bedridden patient or the elderly in cases of emergency fire evacuation or the evacuation of patients from hospital structures. It’s a complete system that makes the operators work easy, reducing both effort and operating time.

Transport ventilators and portable electrical suction units

Spencer 118 NXT, Spencer 170 NXT and Spencer 190 NXT. Pneumatically and electrically driven emergency ventilators for ventilation of adult and pediatric patients in shockproof casing. Available also as transport systems in an epoxy powder varnished aluminum case with integrated oxygen tank, pressure reducer and accessories for airway management. 10G certified fasteners available on request.

Ambujet and Homejet family of portable electrical suction units. Durable, lightweight, stable, compact, practical. One of the most advanced and lightest vacuum devices in the world. The only suction unit with an integral indestructible polyethylene shell able to fully protect both the unit and the vase from bumps and impact damage. AMBUJET is the one and only suction device equipped with a certified 20 G fixing system.

Spine boards and spider straps systems

All rigid Spencer spine boards provide a system of recovery, transport and immobilization of the patient with suspected lesions of the vertebrae.

TANGO – THE INTEGRATED PAEDIATRIC AND ADULT SPINE BOARDS. An exclusive idea that allows two different profiles with one single product, reducing costs and stock volume.

The fixation to the stretcher, through the Rock Straps and Pediatric Straps systems of nylon self-adherent strips belts, permits lifting of the patient even vertically during extrication or transportation in difficult conditions.

Other equipment for patient immobilization

Wide variety of head immobilizers, neck collars, vacuum mattresses and vacuum splints.

SED - Spencer Extrication Device. An instrument for extrication and spine immobilization, ideal for all emergency situations for the immobilization of the hip and pelvis fractures. It can also be used with pregnant women, children and babies.

Emergency bags, backpacks and cases

Extremely large portfolio of first aid, emergency and resuscitation bags, backpacks and hard cases. Available as empty, or full with equipment factory preassembled or customized. Aplicable for all kind of rescue and emergency scenarious.


Rescue equipment for natural disasters, fires, mountain and water rescue.

Spencer Shell – universal basket stretcher. It is ideal for rescue operations in mines, at altitude and in water. The shell is in high-density polyethylene and is joined to an aluminium framework that aims to consolidate its strength. The handles for transport, which are part of the structure itself, are placed along the entire perimeter. The use of high-density polyethylene guarantees not only that it is shatterproof but also an exceptional sanitization. The Spencer Shell can hold a spine board. It can be hoisted if using the optional lifting bridle systems or can be used for water rescue in combination with dedicated floats and floatation devices.

Twin Shell - presents the same characteristics as the Shell stretcher with the only difference that it can be transversally divided in half to improve the storage and transport.

Dakar – basket strecher with wheels. Can be transported by a single operator. It can be hoisted if using the optional lifting bridle systems.

Boston Pro - The basket-spine board combination.

Dragger – The sliding rescue stretcher. If turned over, it can be transported as a hand stretcher.

Total - The most strongest versatile and compact rescue stretcher on the market. It is made with a particularly robust and durable plastic on which has undergone a special thermal treatment that improves the elastic memory feature. It is revolutionary because it is the only recovery stretcher which can be stored in a backpack when not in use. It substitutes the traditional rescue or basket stretchers and is guaranteed excellent performance. Particularly suitable for rescue situations in cramped environments or in adverse conditions. Due to its compactness, functionality and durability it is used by and for: Fire Brigades, Armed Forces, Navy, mountain rescue, water rescue, mines, caves, building sites, industries.

Dolphin - The flipping innovation for water rescue. Dolphin integrates 3 different devices: a rescue tube, a fin-storage and flex mask housing, speeding up and improving your performances. Manageable and flexible, guaranteeing firm grip during the operations. The sinuous wavy shape is easy to grab and adapt for fast movements, feeling almost like an extension of your arm having an extremely soft touch sensation. The 1.8 kilograms are proportionally distributed along the large surface area (1200x170x80 mm) allowing a wider and longer throwing range and also permits Dolphin to sustain heavier patients.

STX 640/641 – Fireproof blankets, мade in fibreglass and treated with silicone. Extinguishes the flames promptly and lowers the heat level of the burnt part by completely isolating from the heat. Very robust and resistant to traction. Particularly suitable for victims whose clothes have caught fire. Ideal for putting out small fires or fires where the use of an extinguisher proves difficult, to protect oneself while escaping from fire or whilst in vehicles.

Besides all above mentioned, but not only, Spencer can provide customized ambulance oxygen and vacuum gas supply systems, variety of oxygen tanks and pressure reducers, equipment and accessories of oxygen therapy and resuscitation, equipment for airway management, diagnostic sets, ambulance infusion holders, manual infusers and infusion warming bags, variety of training manikins and training tools.

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