Superior dialysis machines

SurdialTM 55 Plus and SurdialTM X: The most reliable dialysis machines with superior performance guaranteed by advance Japanese technologies!



Both models are specifically designed to perform multiple, demanding and complicated tasks, maintaining high levels of performance whilst ensuring ease of use and patient safety

Top-class dialysis consumables

Nipro is one of the leading manufacturers of dialyzers in the world. The Nipro dialyzers are well-known for superior substance removal and biocompatibility. An example of this is, the excellent removal of microglobulins, the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome often found in long-term dialysis patients. Other examples are the removal of high molecular weight uremic toxins, while avoiding albumin leakage, which results in reduced side-effects such as itching. During treatment, the changes of biocompatibility markers are extremely low.

The Elisio™ dialyzer with its Polynephron™ membrane is a state-of-the-art and unique dialyzer ready for the current dialysis needs. With its BPA free fibers, housing and headers, it is more patient-, user- and eco-friendly. It reduces CO2 emissions in production, transport and disposal.

The SureFlux™ dialyzers have an excellent biocompatibility due to the cellulose triacetate membrane. It is the ideal choice in cases of allergic reactions to synthetic membranes.

The Nipro AVF needle are the first choice for the nurses and the patients. They are sharp, siliconized and ensures a smooth penetration of the skin, reducing pain and improving your patients comfort. All needles are DEHP free.

Nipro manufactures blood tubing sets in many configurations and specifications to meet user’s needs and to fit all types of dialyzers and dialysis equipments. All Nipro blood tubing sets are designed to enhance safety and efficiency.

To help ensure the quality you expect, Nipro manufacturers a complete line of all tubing components, according to CE Annex II, section 3 of the Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices.

Nipro’s strict control over each manufacturing step, from plastic formulation to final sterility assurance, ensures that our blood tubing sets are of the highest quality.
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