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Wide range of medical equipment for OR, ICU and Emergency

Dialysis equipment and consumables

Neonatal equipment

Infant through adult transport ventilators

Equipment for Emergency care and Rescue operations

Comprehensive systems of biological protection, logistics and decontamination systems

Non-Invasive Respiratory Support
with Hi-VNI Technology

About Dutchmed

Dutchmed is totally independent from any manufacturer, thereby being able to source and deliver from any supplier anywhere in the world.

Dutchmed was established and operate in Bulgaria since Year 1991.

Since more than 33 years we are leading provider of medical equipment and consumables for all healthcare facilities in the country. We assure to our customers prompt delivery of medical consumables and professional service and maintenance of the installed equipment.

Dutchmed International EOOD is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 by BUREAU VERITAS.


Dialysis clinics

Dutchmed has his own modern dialysis clinics in the cities of Plovdiv, Pazardzhik and Shumen equipped with advanced dialysis equipment, where the patients are treated with high quality dialysis consumables.

Each one of the dialysis clinics is with capacity to treat more than 60 patients, 6 days per week in two shifts.

Our Products

Complete solutions for anesthesia, OR, intensive care, emergency care, neonatology and dialysis, including:
  • Anesthesia workstations, modular and configured patient monitors.
  • Surgical lights, operating tables and ceiling supply systems.
  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilators for neonatal, pediatric and adult patients, transport and MRI ventilators.
  • Intensive care and transport incubators, infant warmers, infant ventilators, including HFO and nasal CPAP systems, phototherapy units.
  • Infusion pumps and fluid management systems, infusion warmers, patient warming systems.
  • Biphasic and AED defibrillators, ECG.
  • Complete equipment for emergency care and rescue operations, including telemedicine solutions.
  • Equipment for non-invasive respiratory support and non-invasive cardiac, vascular and pulmonary monitoring.
  • Dialysis machines, dialysis water purification systems and full package of dialysis consumables.
  • Consumables for anesthesia, respiratory support, oxygen therapy, vascular access, IABP therapy, urology and surgery.
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