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The synonym of Culligan worldwide is “Clean water”! The company is one of the most famous is one of the best well-known and popular manufacturer of water purification systems including for medical applications such as laboratories, dialysis clinics, etc. The parameters of the purified water fully complies the requirements of the European Pharmacopeia. We offer absolutely complete water purification systems with output capacity from 50 to 30 000 Liters.
The latest Culligan state-of-the-art system is the unique integrated water purification system with two reverse osmosis modules RO2 Bi-Osmosis System. In compact housing is mounted integrated system for pre-filtration and tow modules for reverse osmosis. RO2 Bi-Osmosis System features electronic flowmeters and large color touch screen display for real time monitoring of the water quality, operating pressures, flow rates and the water consumption. There is a trend memory for all monitored parameters. The system automatically switch from bi-osmosis to mono-osmosis in case of a failure in one of the osmosis modules. RO2 Bi-Osmosis System offers different configurations ensuring purified water with flow rate in the range of 1100 L/h to 4400 L/h.
We also offer affordable systems based on the reverse osmosis modules from series Aqua-Cleer. Depending on the customer’s choice the systems may include different pre-filtration modules such as modules for mechanical filtration, single or duplex softeners, de-chlorination module, UV lamps and others. All systems are equipped with highly precise filters and automatic control panels thus reducing to minimum the necessity for intervention form the staff. All systems include also main control panel, digital conductivity meter, leak detector, sample valves and optionally water recirculation system, serial interface RS-232 and many others. The high quality of Culligan water purification systems as well as low exploitation costs made them preferable for most of our dialysis clinics.
For all dialysis and emergency care clinics as well as for intensive care departments we also offer the mobile and extremely compact water purification system with reveres osmosis model SDS which ensure 80 to 100 liters per hour of purified water.