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Wide range of neonatal through adult transport ventilators including also MRI ventilator. Crossvent 2 series of neonatal transport ventilators are offered as stand alone devices as well as with design suitable to be built-n in infant incubators. Crossvent 3 series is applicable for pediatric through adult patients while Crossvent 4 are universal devices and covers neonatal through adult patient range. Transport ventilators Crossvent have reach range of ventilation modes, monitoring parameters and other features that make them suitable to be used also as ICU ventilators. Transport ventilator, model IC-2A MRI is fully pneumatic, compact and light ventilator with which can be ventilated neonatal through adult patients also in the room where your MRI scanner is installed. We offer fully complete and cost-effective MRI ventilation system that besides IC-2A MRI ventilator includes also stand on wheels with castors, air and oxygen blender, air and oxygen bottles with pressure reducers and patient circuit. The complete system is successfully tested with 3 Tesla MRI scanners.