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“Dutchmed International” EOOD represents for Bulgaria Atom Medical Corp., reputable Japanese company and world leader in manufacturing of neonatal equipment.
The motto of Atom Medical is “To Safe a Tiny Baby Life”.
The mission of Atom Medical is to protect and through their medical products and technologies to protect and nurture the precious tiny lives.
Among the first class equipment of Atom Medical are infant incubators, including intensive care and transport; infant warmers; phototherapy units, etc.
The infant incubators of Atom Medical models Rabee Incu i and Incu i are remarkable with functionality design, microprocessor servo control of the temperature and humidity (as well as servo control of the oxygen supply with Incu i), humidity system with antibacterial function, double-wall hood, resistant to cleaning and disinfection solutions, extremely low noise level, comfortable front and back admittance panels and access ports from all sides, built-in X-ray cassette, priority alarm system. Both mоdels are equipped with ergonomic control panels with color displays that can be freely arranged outside of the hood by the end-users. Модел Incu I also features electrical adjustment of the weight of the patient mattress and possibility for upgrade with pulse oximetry and electronic weighting scale on site.
Model Dual Incu i is universal unit that incorporates all advantages of an open infant warmer and closed intensive care neonatal incubator. The transition from one to another type of equipment is done automatically by pressing of one button only.
The transport incubators of Atom Medical are acknowledged as first class devices for intra and outer hospital neonatal transport. Model V-808 us equipped with built-in pulse oxymeter while model V-707 with its weight of only 17 kg. is the lightest transport incubator in the world..
The infant warmers of Atom Medical from series Infa Warmer i are with excellent ergonomic design and have all necessary for the therapy of the infant in the delivery room. Optionally they could be equipped with resuscitation modules.
Atom Medical launched new series of affordable infant warmers model Sunflower. This brand offers multiple available configurations and the end-users have the freedom to choose the best for them model according to their needs and available funds. The highly reliable resuscitation devices of Atom Medical are compatible to all Sunflower infant warmers.
Atom Medical also offers various devices for phototherapy from series Bili-Therapy, among which pad type devices. All models are extremely reliable and ensure effective jaundice therapy.