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Single and double channel syringe infusion pumps, volumetric infusion pumps. Ascor infusion pumps are remarkable with their high precision and wonderful infusion parameters and features. As standard are included parameters and features that can be purchased separately or are available only in more expensive models with other manufacturers. Exceptional attention is paid on the patient security and on easier user interface. Syringe pumps AP 12 and AP 14 are single channel while model AP 22 is a double channel pump. Besides the syringes of world known manufacturers Ascor syringe pumps are factory calibrated also for the syringes of the domestic manufacturer “Momina Krepost”. The AP 31 volumetric pump with its features does not defer to the models of all worldwide popular manufacturers. There are already above 200 installations of Ascor pumps in the country including the most prestige metropolitan clinics such as Central Recovery of University Emergency Hospital “N.I.Pirogov”, Neonatology Clinic of University Obstetric and Gynecology Hospital “Maichin Dom” and Emergency Center to University Hospital “Queen Joanna”.