Company profile

Dutchmed International EOOD is a subsidiary of Dutchmed B.V., The Netherlands providing to all healthcare institutions and patients the following services: medical equipment and consumables sales, medical consultancy, private healthcare services such as dialysis treatments, one day surgery, hospice care and others. Since 1980 Dutchmed B.V is with traditions and approved positions in Bulgaria.

Business partners of the Dutch company of that time were many import and export organizations such as Maimex, Izotimpex, Chimimport, Kintex, Electroimpex, Pharmachim and others. In Year 1991 after the political reforms Dutchmed B.V. registered its own subsidiary.
Dutchmed International EOOD is one of the market leaders in providing of medical devices and complete solutions for fundamental healthcare areas, such as: anesthesia, recovery, intensive care, cardiology, emergency, neonatology, dialysis treatment
Long standing clients of the company are Ministry of Healthcare, all university and big district hospital, national centers, all big private hospitals, the majority of the municipality and city hospitals, emergency centers and many others.
Dutchmed International EOOD offers to its clients warranty and out of warranty service of the delivered equipment performed by high qualified specialist officially certified by many world-known manufacturers for sales and service of their product range.
Dutchmed International EOOD has unlimited license from Ministry of Health for whole sales of medical devices.
Dutchmed International EOOD was certified by TUV and BVQI and by BUREAU VERITAS Certification at present.

Products range

Complete solutions for anesthesia, OR, intensive care, emergency care, neonatology, dialysis and other healthcare fields among which:

Аnesthesia workstations and machines, modular and configured patient monitors.

Surgical lights, operating tables and pendant supply systems.

Invasive and non-invasive ventilators for neonatal, pediatric and adult patients. Transport and MRI ventilators.

Neonatal equipment: transport and intensive care incubators, infant warmers, infant ventilators including HFO and nasal CPAP systems, NO delivery systems, phototherapy units, infusion devices.

Infusion pumps and fluid management systems, blood and infusion warmers, patient warming systems.

ECG machines, biphasic and AED defibrillators.

Complete equipment for Emergency care and rescue operations, including telemedicine solutions.

Dialysis machines, dializers, AVF sets, blood lines, dry bicarbonate.

Consumables for anesthesia, respiratory support and oxygen therapy, vascular access, IABP therapy, urology and surgery.